Doug Wilson – Political Commentary on Constitutional Law

“In order to return to the Constitution rightly, we would have to begin with repentance. In repenting, we have to distinguish repenting of our sins against God’s law, and repenting of our “sins” against constitutional law. We have been guilty of both, but Moses outranks Madison. I am not opposing these men one to another — I like Moses, and I like Madison. I believe we should repent of both kinds of sins. I happen to believe that our constitutional sins have been, within their genre, egregious. But if we, in our current immoral and irreligous condition, return to a strict constitutional process, then we are asking the Constitution to do something it was never intended to do, and which it cannot do. It is a government for Christians, not libertines. We cannot ask the Constitution to be an adequate framework for men who frame iniquity with a law (Ps. 94:20). We cannot allow the Tenth Amendment to serve as a legitimate cover for murder and sodomy. It was never intended to created cities of refuge for wickedness. When the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do (Ps. 11:3)?”

Read the rest here.

Brilliant social and political commentary by Doug Wilson. The American Covenanter does not support Wilson’s federal vision views.


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