John Calvin on the duty of separation from false worship

John Calvin on the duty of separation from false worship (i.e. worship not based on the second commandment or what is now called the regulative principle of worship WCF, Chap. 21, WLC, Q.108-109) and worshipping privately in your own home. 
[…] Some one will therefore ask me what counsel I would like to give to a believer who thus dwells in some Egypt or Babylon where he may not worship God purely, but is forced by the common practice to accommodate himself to bad things. The first advice would be to leave [i.e. relocate]if he could… If someone has no way to depart, I would counsel him to consider whether it would be possible for him to abstain from all idolatry in order to preserve himself pure and spotless toward God in both body and soul. Then let him worship God in private (at home), praying him to restore his poor church to its right estate.” – John Calvin, Come Out From Among Them, The Anti-Nicodemite Writings of John Calvin, Protestant Heritage Press, “A Short Treatise,” p. 93-94

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