Robert Baillie on abhorring toleration

Robert Baillie reminds us that absolute religious toleration is an evil which is to be abhorred.  Moreover, the extract is also interesting for his acknowledgment that the more orthodox Independents (such as Jeremiah Burroughs) did not advocate the tolerationist opinions of Rodger Williams and others:

Liberty of Conscience, and Toleration of all or any Religion is so prodigious an impiety, that this religious Parliament cannot but abhor the very naming of it.  Whatever may be the opinion of Jo[hn] Godwin, of Mr [Rodger] Williams and some of their stamp, yet Mr [Jeremiah] Burrowes in his late Irenicon [sic] upon many unanswerable arguments explodes that abomination.  Likewise our Brethren who seek to be accommodate, will be willing I hope to profess their going along with us, without any considerable dissent, as in the Directory for all the parts of divine worship, so in the confession of Faith and Catechism.

Robert Baillie, A dissuasive from the errors of the time (London, 1645), epistle dedicatory.

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