Alexander Shields on the duty of Christians not to forsake public and private duties

“Great gospel truth, we desire to persuade you unto, is to be earnest in seeking the Lord in duty. Be diligent in keeping up your society meetings, and seek His concurrence with you therein. Set up and keep up the worship of God in your families that is now much slighted in these times of defection. Alas! many have given up with duties public and private in these times. There are few prayers put up to Heaven to the Lord for all that is come upon us. Oh, mind all the public and private duties that are bound upon you by the word of God and our covenants in this day and be sincere in them! and mock not the living God, who is a jealous God, and “will not give his glory to another, nor his praises to graven images.”

Sermons delivered in times of persecution in Scotland, by John Howie, Johnsone, Hunter, & Co., Edinburgh (1880), p. 589.

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