Stephen Marshall on the covenanted union of the Westminster Assembly

Preaching before the Houses of Parliament, the Westminster divine Stephen Marshall held up the Westminster Assembly as an example of covenanted union among all the nations of the earth:

Here [London] you may likewise see a Reverend Assembly of grave and learned Divines, who daily wait upon the Angel in the Mount, to receive from him the lively Oracles, and the pattern of God’s house, to present unto you.   All these are of our own Nation; and with them you may see the Honourable, reverend, and learned Commissioners of the Church of Scotland; and in them behold the wisdom and affection of their whole Church and Nation, willing to live and die with us.  All these you may behold in one view; and which is more, you may behold them all of one heart, and one mind, after so many plots and conspiracies to divide them one from another, and thereby to ruin them all: And which is yet more, you may see them all met together this day on purpose, both to praise God for this union, and to rejoice in it, and to hold it out to all the world, and thereby to testify, that as one man they will live and die together in this common cause of God, of our Lord Jesus Christ, his Church, and these three kingdoms.  O beloved! how beautiful is the face of this Assembly?

Stephen Marshall, A sacred panegyrick, or a sermon of thanksgiving, preaching to the two Houses of Parliament (Popes-head-alley, 1644), pp 2-3.

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