Alexander Shiels on the duty of Christians meeting together

5102TU723EL“It is necessary at all times that Christians should meet together, whether they have ministers or not, and whether the magistrate allow it or not. The authority of God, their necessity, duty, and interest, makes it indispensible in all cases. It is necessary for the mutual help, “two are better than one, for if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow,” Eccl. iv. 9, 10. It is necessary for cherishing mutual love, which is the new commandment, and badge of all Christ’s disciples, John xiii. 34, 35. a principle which they are all taught of God, 1 Thess. iv. 9. It is necessary for nourishing union to communicate together, in order to their being of one mind, and one mouth, and that they receive one another, Rom. xv. 5, 6, 7. 1 Cor. i. 10. Standing fast in one spirit, striving together for the faith of the gospel, Phil. 1. 27.”

A Hind Let Loose; Or, An Historical Representation of the Testimonies of the Church of Scotland, for the Interest of Christ, with the true state thereof in all its periods. Together with: A Vindication of the present Testimony against the Popish, Prelatical, and malignant Enemies of that Church, as it is now stated, for the Prerogatives of Christ, Privileges of the Church, and Liberties of Mankind and sealed by the sufferings of a reproached Remnant of Presbyterians there, witnessing against the Corruptions of the Time:

Wherein: Several Controversies of greatest Consequence are enquired into, and in some measure cleared; concerning hearing of the Curates, owning of the present Tyranny, taking of ensnaring Oaths and Bonds, frequenting of Field-meetings, defensive Resistance of tyrannical Violence, with several other subordinate Questions useful for these Times.

By Alexander Shiels, Glasgow, Scotland, William Paton, [1797], p. 617.

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