The Reformed Presbyterian Synod on the declension of Exclusive Psalmody

“When the principle of pleasing the taste by human inventions in worship is once admitted, other corruptions will soon follow. Corruption of the worship of God tends to produce corrupt doctrine, and in the end to make man’s will instead of God’s the standard of our conduct. Though the principal argument for the use of uninspired hymns is the supposed lack of Christ in the Psalms, yet churches, otherwise orthodox, have adopted hymns written by those who did not believe in the divinity of Christ, and in some instances even by those who could scarcely be said to believe in Christ in any sense. It is a sad state of things when the majority of professing Christians are using human instead of divine hymns in the worship of God. There is need of reformation in the churches in this matter, and it becomes those who occupy the place of witnesses for Christ to try to bring about such reformation by a faithful testimony.”

Report of Synod’s Committee on Psalmody, 1887

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