Richard Cameron on the ignorance of the Westminster Standards and the spread of Romanism

Richard Cameron bewailed the ignorance of the Westminster Standards, fearing that it would encourage the spread of Romanism in Scotland:

“There is a great ignorance even of the very first principles of religion. It will be very easy, Sirs, to introduce Popery into Scotland. Oh, the gross ignorance of our principles that are contained in our Catechisms, larger and shorter, and Confession of Faith, sworn to in the Covenants.”

Richard Cameron, ‘Sermon on Hosea 13:9-10 (1680)′ in Sermons in times of persecution in Scotland, by sufferers for the royal prerogatives of Jesus Christ, ed. James Kerr (Edinburgh, 1880), p. 409.

Note: This is still very much true still in the United States within some conservative Presbyterian bodies.

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