Thomas Watson on sabbath breaking

Thomas Watson

“God punishes Sabbath-breaking by sudden visible judgements on men for this sin. He punishes them in their estates and in their persons. While a certain man was carrying corn into his barn on the Lord’s-day, both house and corn were consumed with fire from heaven. In Wiltshire there was a dancing match appointed upon the Lord’s-day; and while one of the company was dancing, he suddenly fell down dead. The ‘Theatre of God’s Judgements’ relates of one, who used every Lord’s-day to hunt in sermon-time, who had a child by his wife with a head like a dog, and it cried like a hound. His sin was monstrous, and it was punished with a monstrous birth. The Lord threatened the Jews, that if they would not hallow the Sabbath-day, he would kindle a fire in their gates. Jer 17: 27. The dreadful fire which broke out in London began on the Sabbath-day; as if God would tell us from heaven he was then punishing us for our Sabbath profanation. Nor does he punish it only in this life with death, but hereafter with damnation. Let such as break God’s Sabbath see if they can break those chains of darkness in which they and the devils shall be held.”

Thomas Watson, Ten Commandments, Banner of Truth Trust, (1662), (2009). p. 120.

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