John Knox on the Roman Antichrist

John Knox

When instructing the Scottish magistrates to root out popery, John Knox identified the papacy as the antichrist:

Yea, we doubt not to prove the kingdom of the pope to be the kingdom and power of Antichrist.  And therefore, my Lords, I cannot cease in the name of Christ Jesus to require of you that the matter may come in examination, and that ye, the estates of the realm, by your authority compel such as will be called bishops not only to desist from their cruel murdering of such as do study to promote God’s glory in detecting and disclosing the damnable impiety of that man of sin, the Roman Antichrist, but also that ye compel them to answer to such crimes as shall be laid to their charge for not righteously instructing the flock committed to their cares.

John Knox, The appellation of John Knox from the cruel and most injust sentence pronounced against him by the false bishops and clergy of Scotland, with his supplication and exhortation to the nobility, estates and commonality of the same realm (Geneva, 1558) in idem, On rebellion, ed. R. A. Mason (Cambridge, 1994), p. 75.


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