Jonathan Edwards on the Book of Psalms being used in public worship

Jonathan Edwards

“…And these expressions of holy affection, which the Psalms of David are everywhere full of, are the more to our present purpose, because those psalms are not only the expressions of the religion of so eminent a saint, that God speaks of as so agreeable to His mind, but were also, by the direction of the Holy Ghost, penned for the use of the church of God in its public worship, not only in that age but in age after ages; as being fitted to express the religion of all the saints, in all ages, as well as the religion of the Psalmist. And it is moreover to be observed, that David, in the book of the Psalms, speaks not as a private person but as the Psalmist of Israel, as the subordinate head of the church of God, and leader of their worship and praises; and in many of the psalms speaks the name of Christ, as personating Him in these breathings forth of holy affection; and in many other psalms he speaks in the name of the church.” —

Jonathan Edwards, The Works of Jonathan Edwards, Hendrickson Publishers, (1998), p. 240.


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