Stephen Marshall on the nations rejoicing in Christ their King

The Westminster divine, Stephen Marshall, makes some interesting post-millennial comments in the quotation below:

[T]he Lord Jesus Christ shall be exalted to be their King, and then shall the People joy before him, like the joy in harvest, so likewise in the 9 ofZachary ver. 9, rejoice greatly O Daughters of Zion, should for joy O Daughter of Jerusalem; what is the matter Behold thy King cometh to thee, and if you mark it, when Christ first came to them in that place, he came poor and meek,riding upon an ass, yea, to be hang’d upon the Cross to be crucified; but yet afterward it follows,that his Dominion should be from Sea to Sea, and from the River to the end of the Earth; This entertaining of Christ their King, should make them rejoice greatly, and should for you.

Stephen Marshall, A sacred panegyrick, or a sermon of thanksgiving, preaching to the two Houses of Parliament (Popes-head-alley, 1644), p. 11.


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