Covenanting and the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland (1640)

Although some think that they can claim a historical link with the Second Reformation Church of Scotland without acknowledging the covenants of the seventeenth-century, this supposition is a-historical.  This is because in 1640 the General Assembly of the Scottish Kirk made it an ex-communicable offence not to adhere to the National Covenant (which, incidentally, proves that the early Covenanters believed in close communion/confessional membership):

The Assembly ordains, that such as have subscribed the Covenant and speaks against the same, if he be a Minister, shall be deprived: And if he continue so, being deprived, shall be excommunicate: And if he be any other man, shall be dealt with as perjured, and satisfy publikely [sic] for his perjury.

‘Act for censuring speakers against the covenant’, Session 5, 1 Aug. 1640 in A true copy of the whole printed acts of the General Assemblies of the Church of Scotland, beginning at the Assembly holden in Glasgow the 27 day of November 1638; and ending at the 27 day of November 1638; and ending at the Assembly, holden at Edinburgh the 6 day of August 1649. Diligently compared, and exactly reprinted conform to the foresaid printed Acts. By a welwisher of the Church of Scotland, who (if he find encouragement by what is now done) intends to publish the rest of the Acts not heretofore printed, a part of which he hath by him (n.p., 1682).


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