Brian Schwertley on Christians accepting religious pluralism in the United States

Brian Schwertley

“If Christians accept religious pluralism and refuse to apply the word of God to all areas of life including judicial and civil affairs, then the state will continue to use its power to promote false religion. Public (i.e., state) schools promote evolution, fornication, abortion, homosexuality, new age mysticism, native American animism, feminism, socialism and so on. Christians are portrayed in schools, universities, modern music, television and movies as hate mongers, idiots, bigots, unscientific and anti-intellectual fools. If the radical homosexual ideas regarding marriage, the family and employment become law, then Christians will be persecuted by the state. “The pluralist is unwilling to admit publicly one of the fundamental principles of the Bible: there is irreconcilable conflict in history and in all of man’s institutions between God and Satan, covenant-keepers and covenant-breakers, spiritual light and spiritual darkness.” If Christians think they can avoid religious and ideological warfare by relegating the Bible to “spiritual” issues and placing their trust in political polytheism, they have ignored both the Bible and history. “Political pluralism is founded on a lie, namely that all political issues are not at bottom, religious. Political pluralists refuse to admit that temporary religious and cultural cease-fires are not permanent peace treaties. At best, pluralism masks the escalating historical conflicts for a season.” If Christians refuse to be salt and light to culture (cf. Mt. 5:13-14) and reject the biblical teaching that the state has a responsibility to obey and enforce God’s law, then they will have a state that is a nursing father to sodomites, lesbians, atheists, pornographers, perverts and criminals of every sort. There is no neutrality!”



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