Rev. R. C. Wylie on the Anti-Christian Constitution of the United States

Rev. R.C. Wylie

‎”In the United States we have a written constitution which may be read in half an hour. It is the nation’s fundamental law. All statute law must rest upon it. To it all national and State officers are sworn. To determine whether or not it is Scriptural is an easy matter. It contains no recognition of God as the source of authority, of Jesus Christ as the Ruler of Nations, and of the Bible as supreme law. Even the form of oath prescribed in Article II., Section 1, is destitute of any appeal to God. In this document there is no basis for moral legislation touching the Sabbath, the saloon, the family relation, or any other moral issue. While the United States has many Christian features, no authority has ever yet pronounced the government to be Christian. The Supreme Court once declared the nation to be Christian, but they borrowed the expression from our National Reform literature, in which the Christian character of the nation is employed to prove, not that the government is Christian, but that it ought to be.”

– Rev. R. C. Wylie, D.D. (First International Convention of Reformed Presbyterian Churches. Scotland, June 27-July 3, 1896 ) [Glasgow: Alex. Malcolm & Co., 1896?], pp. 255-264].

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