The Westminster Assembly on idolatry being removed from public worship

The Westminster Assembly

[W]e cannot but admire the good hand of GOD in the great things done here already, particularly; That the Covenant (the Foundation of the whole Work) is taken; Prelacie and the whole train thereof, extirpated; The Service-Book in many places forsaken, plain and powerful preaching set up; Many Colledges in Cambridge provided with such Ministers, as are most zealous of the best Reformation; Altars removed; The Communion in some places given at the Table sitting; The great Organs at Pauls and of Peters in Westminster taken down; Images and many other monuments of Idolatry defaced and abolished.

— John Maitland, Alexander Henderson, Samuel Rutherfurd, Robert Baillie and George Gillespie (the Scottish delegates to the Westminster Assembly), The Letter from the Commissioners at London to the General Assembly (1644).


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