The Old Blue Banner – For Christ’s Crown Rights

“The Church of the Covenanters has a precious inheritance. The achievements of the past, the privileges of the present, and the victories of the future — all, all are hers, if she be faithful. The Old Blue Banner leads to the world-wide triumph of the principles it represents. This is no presumption; it is a foregone conclusion, the very language of logic. The certainty is based on God’s revealed purpose, and glows in the richest hues of prophecy. Humility forbids boasting; we have not said that the Covenanted Church shall have this honor. But the Banner of the Covenant, by whomsoever borne, will surely be glorified with victory, as Jesus Christ, the great Captain, leads His conquerors to universal conquest.”

J.C. McFeeters, Sketches of the Covenanters, p. 411.


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