John Knox on the Antichrist

John Knox Preaching before the Lords of Congregation in the Cathedral of St. Andrews, 1559

“After Knox’s first sermon, he and John Rough were called before a convention of papal clerics to answer for certain doctrines which the Protestants had espoused. Among the doctrines in dispute were Protestant claims that “the pope is an Antichrist,” and “the Mass is abominable idolatry.” A key point of contention was the Reformer’s position that “man may neither make nor devise a religion that is acceptable to God; but man is bound to observe and keep the religion that from God is received, without chopping or changing thereof.” – John Knox, The History of the Reformation in Scotland, in The Works of John Knox (Ed. by David Laing; Edinburgh: James Thin, 1895), 1:194.


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